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Can I use metronome in Studio One at live performance?

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asked Jun 9, 2022 in Studio One 5 by kanggamchan (150 points)
I wanna use metronome in live performance, divide output into monitoring(Inst + metronome) and main(Inst only).

I'll use an audio interface.

Anyone knows about it?


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answered Jul 25, 2022 by benjamincarlson (200 points)
If you're talking about having instrumental tracks and a metronome coming from a single audio interface, you can do it but need enough outputs from that interface. If you want stereo tracks, you should need 3 outputs because a metronome output should only require mono (stereo inst (2) + metronome (1) = 3). If you also want to use a guide track or such and keep those separate from everything else, it'll need its own output—4 outputs.

If you're talking about having a metronome from an isolated source (no extra stuff like stereo tracks running from the interface), you just treat it like anything else and keep it out of the mains but leaving it in the monitors.