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Can I use Studio One 3.5 Pro for live performance?

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asked Jan 3, 2019 in Studio One 3 by ar25 (120 points)
As the main question. Or do I have to do like almost everyone and use ableton Live?

I'm new to this so please go easy and baby talk me through unless it's just a Yes or No answer.

All I have as hardware is a Novation LaunchKey61 which I use to compose all of my songs, etc. Was thinking if there is a way to use it as a live performance since it has the touchpads amongst all the other features and use S1 3 Pro as a base to play the songs (without just pressing play).

Any help will be greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

If you search for "ELunacy" - "Root Folder" in spotify and all digital retailers, you'll listen to what I'm trying to accomplish live. Thank you.

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