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volume meters gone on faderport with pro tools

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asked Mar 7, 2020 in FaderPort 8 by waderue (820 points)
it seems i lost the ability to see the volume meters on my faderport while in pro tools. also it used to be able to display the fader db level(setting) when you touch a fader but it no longer does. if you hold shift and press the encoder knob, the pan and names all shift to the left like they should display that info but it never shows up. all other functions work fine though.

3 Answers

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answered Mar 26, 2020 by jaimemedel (280 points)
press macro button
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answered Mar 27, 2020 by waderue (820 points)
Still the same after words but the macro light stays light. Shift+Macro no change
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answered Mar 27, 2020 by waderue (820 points)
I figured it out! so for awhile i was using the faderport along with the ipad PT control App. figured i can control more things at once that way. In order to use the Ipad Control app you had to "Enable Eucon" in Peripherals>Ether net Controllers. as soon as i unchecked "Enable Eucon" i got the volume meters back on my Faderport 8