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Why doesn't the pattern editor do polyrhythms?

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asked Mar 8 in Studio One 4 by slacknote (340 points)
retagged Mar 9 by slacknote

I watched an online tutorial that explains how to do shifting polyrhythms in Geist2.

I tried to recreate this in the pattern editor but to my surprise found out that no matter what values you set for Steps and Resolution, it will sync to global the time signature setting.

As an example:

I programmed a simple 16 Step/1 over 8 percussion pattern in a 140 BPM song.

Then I changed the steps to 12, but all it does is just loop the first 4 steps twice.

Any thoughts?

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answered Mar 9 by scotthompson1 (150 points)
Maybe I'm not understanding your question, but you can change the count and length of each row individually. Just click the 12 or 1/8 in the row (not at the top). You can have some in triplets and some in quarters, etc.

The master at top still controls the overall pattern.