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Can Pan and Volume control be added to each lane in the new Pattern Editor?

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asked May 28, 2018 in Patterns by Mr Varsity (700 points)
recategorized Jun 2, 2018 by Mr Varsity

I think it would improve the workflow if each lane in the new Pattern Editor had Pan and Volume control. Each lane in the Pattern Editor should have the basic controls... Pan,Volume,Mute and Solo... right now it only has Mute and Solo. Maybe each lane can have a pull down which shows sliders for Pan and Volume or even better would be two visible knobs for Pan and Volume next to the Mute and Solo buttons. I think having to go back and forth to Impact XT or Sample One XT just to change the Volume or Pan of a sound is a workflow killer and slows things down.

Here's one example of simple, small Pan and Volume knobs that could be added on every lane of the Pattern Editor.

Here's a quick mock up I just made to give you a idea of how it would look....

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answered May 29, 2018 by Funkybot (21,540 points)
selected May 31, 2018 by AlexTinsley
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Maybe I'm confused, on this request but the Pattern Editor is only sending MIDI "type" data, so note on/off's, controller information, etc. Any instrument connected to the Pattern Editor is where the overall Volume and Pan would have to exist. For instance, if I have the Pattern Editor controlling U-he's Diva, how would the Pattern Editor tell Diva to control pan per lane per step? It could transmit MIDI CC10 maybe but I don't think very many instruments respond to that as per-voice pan. And for volume, if you had one-shot samples loaded up in your instrument, velocity will control volume. If you didn't, then again, most instruments are not going to have separate per-voice volume in addition to velocity.

I think you need to look at the Pattern Editor as an extension of the PRV. We don't have per note volume and pan controls on the PRV. But, it would totally make sense for an instrument to have those controls. Hope that makes sense. Otherwise, maybe I just misunderstood this request.