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Phantom power shutting down audio box itwo.

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asked Mar 11, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by fritzthekat (140 points)
So my audio box itwo will run great with just my guitar in the input (without phantom power on of course). But the moment I switch on the 48v button, the whole thing stops working and every light comes on (none are blinking all are on). I’ve tried turning it on with nothing in the inputs and it does the same thing.  Thanks for reading this. I’m hoping I can fix it soon.

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answered Nov 9, 2020 by joshuamoncayo (150 points)
I'm having the same problem right now, please could we get an answer. I can't switch on the 48v button at all without it malfunctioning. it happened when I unplugged an XLR cable that was connected to my Bass amp
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answered Jan 18, 2022 by scottpalmer9 (270 points)

Ditto here. I came here because I was first getting the blinking blue light of death described here, but I was finally able to connect using a powered USB hub and I guess get enough juice to it for the device to be recognized enough to update the firmware (which is now current as of Jan 19 2022). 

But all of that was with 48v phantom power off. Any time I turn phantom on, even after the device has been recognized in the Universal Control software, the entire device dashboard just lights up - including red leds, and all stay on solid - and the device just disappears out of the software interface like I had disconnected it. Turning off the phantom doesn't revert back to a working device; I have to physically remove the USB power and reconnect it for the device to reappear in my computer as an available audio interface. I'd really like to use this with condenser mics, but it seems a pretty big design flaw that we can't. I hope there is an answer available from PreSonus, please? Thank you!

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answered Jan 18, 2022 by scottpalmer9 (270 points)
OK I'm here again to update my own non-answer from earlier. I just swapped out the USB cable, and somehow it's working as desired now. All other things equal, only a new cable and now the 48v powers on and the devise stays connected with no red led lights, etc. That blows my mind, too, because the new cable i bought was the $4.88 job from walmart, just a 6' onn-brand printer cable. In fairness, the cable I was using before was 10', unknown brand.

But still...