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Option to SHOW/HIDE or LOCK 48V Phantom Power in Universal Control

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asked Jul 16, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by aviationmusicproduction (190 points)
edited Jul 17, 2019 by aviationmusicproduction

The 48V button on the USB Studio audio interfaces and in Universal Control when pressed applys to ALL input channels by default. This might be useful for certain recording setups, but the button in Studio One and in Universal Control is quite easy to hit by accident causing possible damage to unbalanced inputs connected to the interface (keyboards, synths, guitar processors, drum computers, passive mics, ect.)!

Would it be possible to add a function 'SHOW / HIDE / LOCK / DISABLE 48V Phantom Power button' in Universal Control and on the interface and/or move this function to a layered menu in Universal Control, f.e. the first click opens the function in a popup, the 2nd click activates the 48V.

Other than that - new PreSonus Studio 1824c USB Audio Interface is working great, super low latency, I am also quite impressed that it can actually deal with switching kHz or un-/replugging without crashing the interface or DAW and such. It sounds and works great, overall - very, very cool, congrats to everyone involved in the development!

Any feedback or consideration on this would be highly appreciated.

Studio One 4.5.2
PreSonus Studio 1824c USB Audio Interface
Universal Control
Win10 64Bit

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