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Unable to find information about using Quauntum with Apple Logic

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asked Mar 11 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by chrisburbul (310 points)
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Is there a comprehensive guide ANYWHERE to using the Quantum with Logic?

Some specific questions if you happen to know the answers:

1) There are 28 inputs. 1-8 are the Quatum's 8 channels. 11-18 are ADAT 1 19-26 are ADAT 2. Which of 9/10 and 27/28 are the SP/DIF? What is the other pair?

2) Is there any guide to clocking via BNC word clock?

3) Is there a guide about monitoring recrorded tracks while recording in logic? I can't figure it out. I'm getting the chors effect of latency even when i buss a channel directly to the headphone output.

Thanks for any light that can be shed.

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answered Mar 11 by connorguiberteau (23,180 points)
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1. Channels 9-10 are SPDIF.  Channels 27/28 are for the onboard talkback mic.

2. Clock source is set via Universal Control. More info on that is located in section 4.1 of the manual.

3.  Adjust the Buffer size inside of Logic to dial in latency. Smaller the number, the smaller the delay.
asked Mar 12 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by chrisburbul (310 points) Thank you...
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answered Mar 12 by chrisburbul (310 points)

I'm adding some content to the thread that might help others in the future. Also hoping someone knows the hard routing of all of the outputs?


1-8 Quantum preamps

9-10 - Quantum S/pdif

11-18 - ADAT 1

19-26 - ADAT 2

27-28 Talkback


11/12 - Headphones 1

13/14 - Headphones 2

Main outs -?????

SPDIF OUT - ???????