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Channel out on studiolive 24.4.2

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asked Mar 11 in Classic Mixers by mikeneely1 (150 points)
I recently aquired a studiolive 24.4.2. Not the AI model.  All channels work as designed except channel. 5.  I get signal showing on the 1st LED bar and can adjust the sensitivity but i get no output to the mains. I have tried assigning to different subs, mains etc.  adjusting gate etc. and get nothing. What am i missing.  Is there a reset i can try.  I dont care about any previous stored scenes.  Thanks for any info.

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answered Mar 12 by joegilder (13,660 points)
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Firmware updates via Universal Control are always helpful. Or possibly a firmware reset entirely. Or it could be a dead channel. Calling Tech Support is probably your best option.