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Please expand Impact to allow the assignment of 3rd Party VST's to pads to create an all encompassing drummap.

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asked May 30 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by georgelea (480 points)

Hey Gang,

I'm in about my 2-3rd week of learning the Beast called Sphere, and I plan to get either the StudioLive 16R, or Quantum T-bolt 3, and ATOM SQ. I used to have the 1818VSL, and FaderPort8. So, you can tell I'm wildly fascinated by, and LOVE ALL THAT IS PRESONUS! No shame here.

However, 1 of the reasons I left CWBL after using them since '88 is the fact they're not changing with the times, and you guys are, but here's the MAIN reason I left them is because they never would update their Universal Drum Map that allowed users to plug in ANY kind of sound source (s'ware, or h'ware) to use on their drum map. So, I could use SampleTank, AD2, Alesis, or sf2, and/or Wav to cherry pick whatever sound I wanted without having to use the entire drum kit. I'm AMAZED PreSonus hasn't done this yet with all the innovation you guys are responsible for. I'm thinking you could expand Impact to allow this to happen. Even further, if you could allow up to 3 banks to be displayed at once, like Battery 4.


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