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Random mutes/playback dropout on random events

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asked Mar 18, 2020 in Studio One 4 by austinhein (450 points)
I'm on the latest Studio One 4 update

Intel i7 6700k

32gb ram

500gb ssd

1tb hdd

In my last 3 mixes, I've experienced random audio dropouts at random times, on random events. The dropouts are consistent, once they happen, and usually happen after I've finished mixing the song. but before the automation stage.

For example, in my latest mix project, when I playback the mix, my overheads and high hat tracks drop out for 10-20 seconds at the same point 95% of the time. Or, in my last project, I had a vocal track drop out. Time before that were tom tracks.

If you watch the meters, they will drop as if I hit the mute button, and will blast back in as if I unmuted it.

Ive also noticed my cpu usage is high at about 70% at this stage as well. Sometimes the disc usage will be at 5% but clearing the cache usually fixes that. I dont use very many plugins, im working with quality tracks. The high cpu usage has always been a symptom of SO 4, at least for me.

Really dont know what to really trouble shoot, but any help would be appreciated. This is extremely frustrating. Keeps me from printing or finish automating without doing ridiculous work-arounds.

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