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Is it possible to launch a single clip with Faderport 2018 (v2) and Ableton Live?

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asked Oct 14, 2021 in FaderPort 2018 by matthewschultz1 (170 points)
Just got my Faderport for use with Ableton Live 11. In 'scroll' mode I can launch scenes using the 'section' button, but I can't seem to find a way to enable/launch a single clip.

Is this possible?

It'd be great to scroll through channels in 'channel' mode, then select 'scroll', use the encoder to scroll to the clip you want, then press down on the encoder to launch the clip.

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answered Oct 15, 2021 by matthewschultz1 (170 points)
edited Oct 15, 2021 by matthewschultz1
FWIW, in the Live section of the manual on page 25 it states:

"While in Session view, pressing Zoom once will engage clip/scene launch mode. Zoom and Scroll will both light up."

"Press Zoom to launch the currently selected clip."

"Press Scroll to launch the currently selected scene."

The first problem is that Zoom is a shift-function of Scroll, so it can't light up. And pressing shift + Scroll (for Zoom) doesn't launch a clip… at least with my version of 11 Suite: 11.0.11

What does happen is:

- Pressing Scroll engages clip/scene launch mode and lights up Click and Section
- Pressing Section launches the scene
- Pressing Link (which isn't lit up until after a scene is launched) stops all clips
- Pressing Click does nothing

I can't seem to find the key (or keys) to launch an individual clip.