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How to save an audio file used in the pool via external tools (bypass "The current audio file cannot be saved message")

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asked Oct 2, 2020 in Studio One 4 by tilmannmilde (170 points)
So I have used FL studio as DAW before and I am also using Izotope RX7 to cleanup my recorded vocals from unwanted PC noises etc. In FL studio, what I always did was drag & drop the recorded audio out of FL and into RX7, then clean it up and hit save in RX7 and it automatically updated the source audio file and then I just hit refresh in FL.

Now I know that people would love to have ARA support for RX7 or 8 for studio one, but if we could make this workflow work, it would at least be fast and not too cumbersome I feel like^^

So what I did in S1 now is the following:

Find my recording in the pool -> show file in explorer -> drag the source file from explorer into RX7 -> edit it the way I want and then hit save to update the source file.

Now the Problem is that RX7 says the file cant be saved as it's used by another application. But in FL that worked just fine.

Is there any way to unblock files in the current project from being accessible for external saving via other tools? This would make the cleanup workflow so much easier and faster....especially with lots and lots of vocal recordings in a project :)

When I close S1 I can save the file just fine, but I would prefer to not add more additional steps and instead just have S1 allow the file to be accessed simultaneously :)

Any tips and help is greatly appreciated!


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