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How do import and synchronize demo tape with click track into Studio One 4 so that I can add tracks

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asked Mar 22, 2020 in Studio One 4 by jonswift (440 points)
My Band is trying to do multitrack recording with appropriate social distancing. Our singer/accoustic guitarist can record a scratch stereo demo with music panned left and metronome panned right (in garage band). Im drummer with studiolive III board and Studio One.  I need to import his demo, then sync up studio one click and lay down my (recording quality) drum tracks, which can then serve as the foundation for the mult track recording. Our plan is to send this to other band mates who can download the solo version of studio one, import my drumtracks and scratch vocal accoustic guitar tracks, and add their own tracks. We will then send to our studio buddy for mix down.  Has anyone done something similar to this?

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