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Maschine midi editing like Imapct XT

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asked Mar 22, 2020 in Studio One 4 by richholahan (160 points)

Hello PS forum. I've already got my maschine template set up. 16 midi tracks for 16 maschine pads. Works great. My problem is with editing after recording. I can only focus one track (pad) at a time. Bit of a hassle when dealing with drum patterns.

When you put an instance of Imapct XT in edit mode, you can essentially make your entire arrangement (or pattern) on the fly. It records to one track and then you explode to individual tracks and it's seamless. This is exactly what I'd love to do with maschine in S1. I've experimented a few ways with maschine routing with some success but just can't make it all work in harmony. 

So has anyone routed their maschine in a way that was similar to putting Impact XT into edit mode? Anyone able to use pattern mode with with their maschine?  

Any ideas out there would be appreciated.

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