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Is there any chance to use Studio One on GNU/Linux?

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asked Mar 29 in Studio One 4 by bohdankovalchuk (160 points)

I have been using GNU/Linux for a decade, but I also own your wonderful PreSonus Audiobox 22VSL card (it's a fantastic thing!). So I had to install Microsoft®©™ Windows™©® to produce my music using Studio One Artist, which I own.

Unfortunately, Miscrosoft®ё™ Windows®©™ is not a kind of an OS I would like to use, but I still love your products and would rather stick to them that move to smth else.

I've been trying to launch Studio One using wine, crossover and even SteamPlay (don't ask, how I've done that...). But no result.

Is there any chance to stay with PreSonus products for those who use GNU/Linux, BSD or other UNIX-alike OS'es (except for MacOS, of course?). Maybe, there is a way, but I just didn't managed to find it -- sorry for bothering you, if so.

Please, help me. And I apologize for mistakes: I am not a native English speaker.

Thank you!

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answered May 2 by NewMoneyStudios (520 points)

Hi Presonus.

I am in full support of this. I am a pro mixing engineer who switched from Logic and Pro Tools almost 7 years ago now (you guys also follow me on all my social media lol), Studio One pro has been my bread and butter for so long now mixing countless records in the UK. I am now at the point where I need to move over to a Linux operating system now for number of reasons. But the one thing stopping me is the fact that Studio One isn't yet available. Please guys, we really need this to happen. 

Another possibility is to merge with an already established Linux DAW that can easily adapt Studio One's features and engine, like Ardour. As Linux is an open-source system I can understand there might be some challenges and conflicts, but I would like to assure you I myself would be more than willing to pay an extra subscription/surcharge/donation to support a Linux release of Studio One, and I know there are many others who would also agree to do so. As a junior software developer and professional audio engineer with over 15 years experience,  I would also be more than happy to share my expertise and contribute funds to help make this happen.

Someone on this post also mentioned about presonus device driver support for Linux too, This is also a very much needed release so we can use more Presonus audio interfaces and controllers with Linux with full support.

Thank you.

Leon 'WZRD' Davis