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Please develop Linux versions of Studio One

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asked Apr 16, 2020 in Documentation by davidhu (190 points) 1 flag
I am using Ubuntu Studio, but unfortunately I cannot install PreSonus Studio One on my computer. It is a software that I use in my music tech class. Please develop versions for Linux ASAP!!!

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answered May 2, 2020 by NewMoneyStudios (460 points)
reshown Dec 10, 2020 by AlexTinsley

Hi Presonus.

I am in full support of this. I am a pro mixing engineer who switched from Logic and Pro Tools almost 7 years ago now (you guys also follow me on all my social media lol), Studio One pro has been my bread and butter for so long now mixing countless records in the UK. I am now at the point where I need to move over to a Linux operating system now for number of reasons. But the one thing stopping me is the fact that Studio One isn't yet available. Please guys, we really need this to happen. 

Another possibility is to merge with an already established Linux DAW that can easily adapt Studio One's features and engine, like Ardour. As Linux is an open-source system I can understand there might be some challenges and conflicts, but I would like to assure you I myself would be more than willing to pay an extra subscription/surcharge/donation to support a Linux release of Studio One, and I know there are many others who would also agree to do so. As a junior software developer and professional audio engineer with over 15 years experience,  I would also be more than happy to share my expertise and contribute funds to help make this happen.

Someone on this post also mentioned about presonus device driver support for Linux too, This is also a very much needed release so we can use more Presonus audio interfaces and controllers with Linux with full support.

Thank you.

Leon 'WZRD' Davis

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answered Aug 10, 2020 by rudolphcrous (400 points)
The PreSonus sound card already works in Linux, rock solid, it is just the Studio One software that is missing, and since that is already on MacOS (which is based on FreeBSD Linux), that is a short hop and skip and Studio One should run (if it does not do already with a tweak or two, most likely license management).

I think it would be a GREAT move for PreSonus to target the Linux platform, as that would open up the world of computing power for users, and a whole new market for PreSonus with NO competiors.  NOTE: Not all Linux software is freeware.
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answered Nov 14, 2020 by paolomeola (460 points)
yes! I would really appreciate (and definitely buy) a native linux version!

is there any way of making it work through WINE?
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answered Nov 23, 2020 by duizzbecher (360 points)
Hi Presonus.

I would also love a version for Linux. I am currently using LinuxMint. But as I can't use Studio One on this computer I also have a Windows10 computer with Studio One 4 Professional installed.

Thank you for the best DAW ever.

Greetings Lars

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answered Jan 29, 2021 by cezaryprajzner (340 points)
Look guys! Your software rocks but it would rock even more if it was available for more platforms than just Win and Mac. More and more people switch to Linux (including myself). The only thing that keeps me with unfortunate Windows is Studio One. Yes I also have Reaper that run excellent in Linux but I want to have native DAW to support my Presonus hardware. Don't you guys see the benefits of Linux yet?

Please, please please. I would be willing to pay extra dollars to have it avaiable on Linux !!!
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answered Feb 16, 2021 by richardhowle (560 points)
I could also use a Linux version. Switched to Manjaro recently to get away from Windows and all the telemetry cack they bundle in with it. I'd rather not use an OS that snoops and records data from my every move.
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answered Mar 7, 2021 by dankok (500 points)
Another Linux user that would be very happy to have a native Linux version of Studio One.
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answered Apr 21, 2021 by meghannwilhoite (420 points)
just posting to agree with OP and the other commenters! I've been wanting to switch to Linux for a long time but still coaxing life out of my old MacBook Air so that I can keep using Studio One. (Yes, I could make my mac my Studio One machine and use a laptop running Linux for the rest of my stuff, but I travel a lot and really need everything on one machine.)
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answered Jul 22, 2021 by andrewraj (310 points)
I'd be very interested in a Linux version of Studio One. Purchased Studio One Professional and love the DAW, however the only thing that's keeping me on Windows is Studio One. Especially when now Windows 11 has an additional requirement that will invalidate older CPUs, it would be good time for Presonus to consider/re-consider to have Studio One compatible with Linux machines.
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answered Jan 13, 2022 by jonathanblack (320 points)
Posting a comment as well, because this post could not get enough attention. A Linux release of Studio One would be amazing. Linux is better than Windows in so many ways. The only thing holding Linux back is the lack of supported software suites, like Studio One. Please make the plunge on this! The Linux community is only getting bigger, and there are a lot of potential customers that would be happy to pay for this awesome product.
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answered Jan 21, 2022 by andrewsimmons3 (430 points)
Yes, please! I canceled my Sphere membership and have been using BitWig instead, as they support Linux. I'd re-up my Sphere membership if you add Linux support.
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answered Jun 26, 2022 by queglwiu (230 points)
Would love linux support
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answered Aug 9, 2022 by louislawyer (360 points)
PreSonus this is not something to drag your feet on. Windows is becoming more and more invasive. Your loyal customers will be forced to move. All you have is to gain. Don't wait until someone else does it first. Your software is the only thing keeping me on windows...
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answered Dec 16, 2022 by johnsmith (160 points)
Yes, please give us a Linux version of Studio One.
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answered Jan 2, 2023 by maxmaddux (150 points)
I'm just answering to agree with everyone. My daily driver laptops both run Linux. Please make a version for us too.
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answered Jan 16, 2023 by sulemandawood (140 points)
I fully agree this would be amazing. I am an avid studio one user, and literally only have a dual-boot system set up so that I can do music in studio one. I would also be willing to pay an additional charge to support a linux version -- and would be open to supporting the software effort if you decide to go in an open source direction with it. Linux is the future and this would be a huge differentiator for presonus!
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answered Apr 8, 2023 by heatherolsson (170 points)
Arch Linux user here, just adding a comment for this question :)

On Garuda I was able to use Atom SQ on Ardour easily than I thought, of course had to make some tweaks. I wish it's easier to use PreSonus plug-ins with my workstation. I also wish I could leave Windows and their bloated spyware.
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answered Apr 20, 2023 by alexandermarek (160 points)
I am switching my system and applications to linux and presonus is the only one which is not supported with linux. so please develop it also for linux. otherwise i will switch to another daw, which would be very sad!