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New stagebox mode for B-Mixer or Auto Back Up Mixer, for quick swap from Stagebox mode to mixer for a backup.

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asked Mar 31, 2020 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by waynejimes (2,180 points)
Hi I hope this makes sense.

I have been trying to find a quick way to swap from my FOH to the Rack stage box for Back up. (**** Coronavirus!! way too much time on my hands)

At the moment its seems the only way is to save the scene, export it to Mac and then import to new mixer. Fine if you remember to save it before FOH dies as someone trips over the power plug!!

So thought with the amazing features with the series 3 mixers (I have SL16 console and A 32RM and use the RM as a stage box) we could utilise a new mode to speed this up.

My request is for a mode that can either:

A - at the touch of button a Instantly copy all the settings from console to RM and switch to standalone mode.


B - A stagebox mode that follows all the setting from Console, while in stagebox mode, so if FOH mixer drops off AVB it switches to stand alone and takes over.

This amazing ecosystem would then have the ability to be its own B mixer in a live situation. If anything happens to the main FOH mixer grab the iPad and crack on in seconds.

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answered May 7, 2020 by jonnydoyle (382,550 points)
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