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Will the latest version of StudioOne Artist work with my FireStudio interface, using FireWire?

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asked Apr 4, 2020 in Studio One 4 by Kevenhead (120 points)
I have two older FireStudio interfaces, which connect to my computer using FireWire.  I also have a very early version of StudioOne Artist, I believe 1.6....if I upgrade to the newest version, will it work with Windows XP (which is on my recording computer) and will it recognize the FireWire input?

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answered Apr 5, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)

The earliest version of windows that Studio one V4 supports is windows 7 (with service pack 1+ platform update).  Its not mentioned on the specs but it has to be a x64 (64 bit) operating system too.  

I don't like to make assumptions but I doubt that its the 64-bit of Windows XP you are running.  

As far as support for drivers, you would be lucky to find many that support XP now.  Depends on how old your system is, what the interfaces are, etc.  You would need to refer to the manufacturer website.  

I hate to be the guy who says "you might need to look at updating your set up where you can".  XP support ended a long time ago and Windows 7 won't be updated too often either as that's also a legacy operating system.  However, you will be lucky to find modern software like Studio One Artist v4 running on legacy hardware or operating systems.  

I hope that helps.