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Different id3 title tags for each created track when exporting "between each marker" . Nothing else is reasonalble.

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asked Nov 9, 2021 in Mastering by berndprokop (130 points)
I am producing audio books.  In the end I have practically one song of many hours that I have to divide into sometimes over 100 chapters.

For this job I can use "export between each marker". If I  name the markers after the chapters and leave "Filename" blank in the export query I receive with the exported files the chapternames as filenames (the only disturbing thing would be the hyphen). But in a departure from convention the id3 title tag of each created file is not named after the filename (in my case name of the capture) but every id3 title tag receives the same name that is the name that has been entered for "title" in the song setting information tab of the original song (so far as I see).

Since the id3 title tags are that by which audio players and even the project page of SO sorts the different tracks, they all apear there under the same name and the id3 tags created through SO have to be corrected manually. I hoped that the Professional version would save me this task for my several thousand tracks. But sadly there is no difference between artist and professional in this regard.

From my perspective this clearly is a bug of the program (wrong implementation of a  feature) and should be corrected immediately. But I had a hard time to explain my problem to Support. They keep telling me, I should place a feature request.

In my eyes new features are different and I could name same especially for audio book producers.

But my only endeovour so far is to have an existing feature (creation of id3 tags with export between each marker) implemented in a way that I can use it at all. Or should there be any positiv use of having different tracks with different filenames all receiving the same id3 title tag after export "between each markers"?

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