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Ability to change the Default level of Cue Mixes, and Mono cue mixes

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asked Apr 7, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by marcushyatt1 (230 points)
I use an RME Raydat card as my interface and therefore I use Totalmix with the Asio Direct Monitoring for my zero latency monitor mixes. Studio One already does a great job of being able to control total mix and setup my mixes for me. The first of the two issues I have is that I can only set up Cue Mixes on stereo outputs; this is somewhat inconvenient as I use a ********* powerplay personal monitoring system and I want to be able to use the hardware direct monitoring feature on a mono output so that I may send individual tracks to a hardware output without having to waste a stereo pair. The second inconvenience is that In order to use the hardware monitoring I have to set the outputs as cue mixes which forces 32 cue mix sends onto my tracks, and they default at unity. Thus in order to turn them all down and build my own custom mix it takes an unnecessary amount of time. It would be great to have a option in the preferences where 'cue mixes' can default to off and we can build mixes from scratch. This would really help with an Studio One user that uses hardware monitoring with a non-presonus interface.

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answered May 29, 2020 by garylingner (170 points)

I am looking for pretty much the same ANSWER. 

Only, I want the Cue's all to come up at infinity... OFF  with the gain all the way down.

It's frustrating to have the all of Cues come up and ON. So much time is wasted going through all the tracks and setting them off or down and then setting a Cue mix.  (I prefer all the way down and Off personally) Default action = CUE send levels all the way down. Please.

Since it only says the date as April 7, I don't know how long this post has been sitting around here.  It could be years old and un answerd. A year is part of a date and would be very helpful.  But I'm new here and maybe next year the year 2020 might show?

Also, an answer to the MONO question as default, kindly. Maybe it's not doable, though I can't image not.

So please enjoy the: