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FIX issue when monitoring Amp Simulators through LLM/GreenZ

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asked Feb 5, 2019 in Recording by bailatosco (3,420 points)

I use a lot of amp simulators to record electric guitars and basses and there is an old issue when monitoring almost all amp sim plugins through LLM. From the top of my head: Amplitube, S-gear, TH3, Helix Native.
The issue is you cannot hear the changes you do to a patch until you deactivate monitoring and activate it again. 
If I remember correctly, it is like this because of the way Studio One and the Plugin manage automation of parameters. So the "copy" of the plugin that goes in the LLM path is not receiving the changes.


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answered Feb 5, 2019 by laurengoodwin1 (640 points)
Bias Amp 2 as well can be added to your list of amp sims not working well with the LLM.
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answered Feb 10, 2019 by garethsimpson (250 points)
I always thought this was part of the trade-off when using LLM mode.