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unable to record / hear on a reinstalled studio one

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asked Apr 11, 2020 in Studio One 4 by ericallen6 (130 points)

Here's the history, my brother and I both have Studio One 4 I run a pc, he used mac. He had to replace his mac, I talked him into getting a pc.  He reloaded all of his software, plug ins, etc.  All looks fine, he can hear playback on previously recorded tracks. He was unable to record new guitar tracks. We did all the usual checks, configuring the speakers, etc. etc. We were finally able to get a recorded guitar track- seeing the sound waves appear on the track but were unable to hear it on playback. Rechecked speakers, cables, verified headphones, volumes, etc. 

Finally we did the experiment that brings me to you guys. I took a song from my pc and transferred it to his. Playback is fine, all tracks audible and respond correctly.  He added a new guitar track. We could not hear the new track on playback, but all previous tracks still fine.  We THEN moved the updated track to MY pc. I could hear all tracks except the newly recorded guitar track he had added. Of course, before his mac crashed I always took his guitar tracks and added them to my songs.

So we feel everything is configured on his new pc correctly, he can hear playback but it seems he CANNOT RECORD, EVEN THOUGH WE SEE THE WAVE FORMS on the track. He is very experienced with recording. He is convinced it is the pc and is trying to buy a new mac - I won't stop him but I KNOW mine is configured correctly - why cant I hear the new track?  I tried every theory, but I believe there is nothing mechanically wrong with his audiobox ( I cant plug mine into his pc because the software will only see his of course) and I cant find any explanation. I checked this forum for configuration issues and I'm sure its configured for his pc correctly. Anybody have any ideas? My songs are suffering lacking his guitar! We've been sitting on this for a long time, I hope someone can offer ideas.

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answered Apr 11, 2020 by Bbd (14,360 points)
Something to check out. Your audio device setup with inputs and outputs is saved with the song.

If you are both using the same model interface, make sure however it is setup and working properly is the same setup on the other PC.

Then, make sure that the channel's output is going to where you want in the mixer so you can hear it.