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Multi voices for classical guitar notation

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asked Apr 14, 2020 in Notion Feature Requests by haraldbuethe (200 points)
edited Apr 14, 2020 by haraldbuethe

Based on a suggestions of a Notion 6 user I purchased Notion for iOS for classical guitar notation.

Unfortunately Notion for iOS supports only two voices per staff instead of four voices of the desktop version. No objection to have reduce features available because of the lower price of the app. But for classical guitar notation it is not a nice-to-have feature to have more than 2 voices available, it’s essential (!!!) which means, the Notion app is useless for most for the classical guitar repertoire!

No objection to pay a reasonable extra fee for this feature because otherwise the Notation app is a complete financial loss!

Attached is an excerpt from a level 3 music piece which is impossible to write with only two voices Notion for oPad is offering recently! Rests of the middle voice were hidden for easier readability! Like this you will find numerous examples of this 3 voices standard configuration, with bass and melody lines plus an accompanying middle voice.


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