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Beaming problem - half note to an eighth note, Classical Guitar

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asked Feb 3, 2022 in Notion by rosspruett (140 points)
Classical guitar, having beaming problems. 2 questions.   Warning, this is definitely where a picture is worth lots of words, but here we go:  I'm learning Notion by transcribing some beginner pieces, example... "Lágrima" (Tárrega), beat 1 of the 2nd & 4th measures and beat 2 of measure 6 are good examples where there is a half note or a dotted half note, (with stems going up and down, for both voices 1 & 2), beamed to an eighth note.  Question 1:  is it possible to beam a half note (or dotted half note) to an eighth note? I've tried same voice, different voice, no luck.  It does beam if it's the same kind of note, e.g. eighth to eighth, but if the note is changed back from an eighth to a half note, the beam disappears, and Notion sees the notes following the half note, (example beats 2 & 3 of measure #6) as being played sequentially versus being played while and during the 2 counts of the half... net-net: it throws up red notes as not fitting into the 3 beat measure. Question 2:  The stems going up and down: are there beaming tips and tricks when dealing with those kind of notes?   I may have missed it, but I looked in the user manual, looked online, and looked through the YouTube tutorials as well.  Hoping someone can help me.  Kindest regards, Ross

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answered Mar 10, 2022 by johnt1 (240 points)
edited Mar 10, 2022 by johnt1
I'll take a stab at this.  FOR GENERAL BEAMING

1.  make sure the notes you want to beam together are in the same voice.

2.  in the palette, make sure to select the voice on the note entry menu that corresponds with those notes.

3.  press Shift + B to activate the beam function.  If your mouse is in the measure where you want to edit the beaming, you will see the word "BEAM" appear in place of the mouse arrow.

4.  Place the word "BEAM" between the notes you wish to affect and Left Click.

5.  clicking again will undo/redo

I re-read your question and see that it wasn't as general as I initially thought.  You CAN paste a picture into these questions.  To do so, I take a screenshot (Print Screen) of the monitor while working on the problem and then I Paste that into a new Word Document.  Then I crop the pasted photo down to focus on the area of interest and drag the corner diagonally to make sure it is big enough to see.  Then Copy the image and paste it into this question and add whatever text you want.  If I can see what, specifically, you're trying to do I may have some suggestions.  Or not, but I'll try.

I hope that works for you.  Personally, I think they need to add a few more features in the palette for classical guitarists.  It has to do with adding Fingering, String designation, and Bar instructions such as C III (bar on 3rd fret), etc.