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Deleting inserts & sends: consistent use of modifiers

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asked Apr 18, 2020 in Look and Feel by Scoox (16,550 points)

An easier way to delete inserts and sends from mixer channel had been requested before, and was implemented in v3.5 (thanks Presonus!).

Unfortunately, the implementation Presonus chose has some inconsistencies with regards to the use of modifier keys. Here's how it works at the moment:

To me at least it doesn't make sense that I need to use different modifier keys to perform the same action in different contexts, so here's how I would have implemented it:

Ctrl+Click could be any other modifier. I don't mind if it's Shift+Drag or Alt+Drag either. Drag is also OK, though IMO it's extra work. If you want to delete a bunch of inserts sequentially, not having to drag and just clicking in place is a lot more convenient.

On that FR thread users didn't actually specify how they wanted this to work, and left Presonus to come up with a solution. I worry that now the devs might not be willing to invest more time into this, even though it should be relatively easy for them to do as it's just a matter of swapping a few modifier keys.

Thanks for reading!

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