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Studio One Artist V2 crackles

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asked Apr 21 in Studio One 1 by stewartguitar (120 points)
This is very similar to previously asked questions but I've rummaged through them and not found a solution.

I have an old Audiobox USB and run Studio One Artist version 2.0, from 2011. It's the one that came with the audiobox.

I used to use Cubase, but that started crackling after I installed windows 10, so I started using Studio one instead, which worked fine. I haven't used it for a while, but I tried again this morning and it crackles terribly when I start recording audio, and the crackles are on the playback as well.

I updated the driver to the latest Universal Control and shut down everything I could on the laptop but it's still the same.

Task Manager shows a system interrupt using 99% of my CPU.

Audacity works fine when I record on that.

My laptop is an old Toshiba Satellite C50D, which has an AMD A4 quad-core processor and 8Gb of RAM.

Should I:

A. Try Studio One 4 Prime?

B. Update my audiobox to a newer model?

C. Replace the whole setup?

D. Something else I haven't thought of?

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