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FatChannel XT doesn't show extensions

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asked Apr 24 in Studio One 4 by Paradur (120 points)
Hey, everybody,
I'm gonna have to check in with you, because I can't get it on the chain.
Since a few days I'm flirting with the free extensions VT-1 and RC-500 for the FatChannel.
So I thought I would just try it out for free. Unfortunately I was wrong.
I installed the extension and activated it successfully. Unfortunately the extensions are not shown in the FatChannel drop-down.
Well uninstalled and installed again = no success. Whole Presonus again uninstalled and installed also no success.

This is the Pro Version 4.6.1

Has anyone had this problem before? Do I have to tell S1 where to find the extension?

On my laptop I tried with my Artist license. Installed, activated and voila is there and can be used. Now I'd like to get it all done in my Pro version. Sitting here but very frustrated there.

Translated with (free version)

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