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Line Out 3-6 all play the same thing.

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asked Apr 24, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by nickmirdala1 (120 points)
reshown Apr 24, 2020 by nickmirdala1
I am trying to use the Studio 1810C Line Outs to send signals to a Mixer. When I run a cable from the Line Out in the interface to the Line In on the mixer... each channel (3-6) play the same thing even though in Ableton I have a Kick going to channel 3 and a snare going to channel 4. Channel 3 and 4 have both the Kick and the Snare in them when sent to the mixer. When I use the main channels (1-2) I can separate tracks between my monitors. Is it not possible to separate tracks for the Line Out (3-6)?

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