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10 analog OUTs in Studio 1824c

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asked Jan 31, 2023 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by danielduarte9 (120 points)
On a Studio 1824c, can i use the 2 main outs, together with the additional 8 outs, for a total of separated 10 analog TRS outputs?

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answered Feb 1, 2023 by colinotoole (16,490 points)
Maybe read the manual? Here's a quote from it relevant to your question:

Line Outputs. These balanced ΒΌ-inch TRS line outputs can be used to route audio to external devices, such as headphone amps, signal processors, and additional monitors. STUDIO1824c: The first
two outputs share their playback streams with both the main outputs and Headphone 1. Outputs 3 and 4 share their playback streams with Headphone 2 for both the STUDIO1824c and the STUDIO1810c. All other outputs have their own independent playback streams.