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Unlink L/O 1+2 from Main Outs 1824C

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asked Sep 8 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by andyhaweorth (120 points)

The 1824c has 8 line outs. L/O 1+2 are a mirror of the Main Outs.

This is problematic for customers who wish to use all 8 line outs eg for summing externally only gives 6 available outs should a user wish to also monitor the inbound L/R tracks from the sum.
My request is to have line outs 1+2 assignable as their own unique L/O for use however a user wishes.

Because the only other way to get all 8 L/O to pass audio to sum, and then bring back in through a stereo L/R is to use a DA converter over ADAT which a) adds extra expense b) because of the bug in S1 the clock needs resetting constantly. I'd rather just be able to use all 8 analogue outs.


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