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Crackles and pops in Ableton when I move the mouse around quickly

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asked Apr 25, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by adrianmarini (160 points)
I have just bought the Quantum 2626 and unless I can get this issue resolved I will reluctantly return this to the store.

I have this strange issue, where if I have an open project playing and I press stop, and then move around my mouse as if to highlight some clips or tracks, I get crackle and pops through the speakers.

I am on Windows 10, running a high end ryzen 3950x build. Whilst the latency and sound quality is great, I cannot understand why I am getting this issue with crackling and pops when I move my mouse around. It only presents itself if I suddently stop the project and then go to highlight some clips by dragging my mouse whilst clicked, i get pops and clicks and my cpu usage in ableton spikes from 10% to over 35%.

I have tested my old Steinberg UR44 interface and I do not get the same problem so this is specific to the Quantum. The problem is worse on low sample size like 64, however it is also present at 128 samples. I can also recreate it simply by using the inbuilt Ableton test tone, let it play contiously, and then simply move my mouse around the screen quickly with the left mouse button pressed down, I get many loud crackles and pops. Strangely, the problem does not present itself if my project is playing and I move the mouse around with the button pressed down. It is only when the project is stopped.

How can I solve this? Running latest driver and firmware for the device.

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answered Apr 25, 2020 by adrianmarini (160 points)
video of the issue