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Midi to Karaoke that can be played on any midi player like vanbasco, winlive synth driver, etc.

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asked Apr 27 in Mixing by crischristopherellazarlibranda (620 points)
Hello Presonus Support Team,

Thank you for your hard work. Studio One is really amazing. I would like to request to add this feature below in future updates.

Request: Export midi from Studio One and autoplay support in any standalone midi player/ karaoke like vanbasco, winlive synth driver, etc.

I just found out that once you exported midi from studio one, it doesn't work on any karaoke player. Adding this feature like in Cakewalk by Bandlab (midi to karaoke) would help the musicians like me to make their karaoke songs straight in Studio One smoothly. There are so many great features in Studio One that why I really love this DAW. I hope you could add this to your future updates.

Many thanks,


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