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Move CC Data with Notes!

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asked Nov 9, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by erikhusler (3,720 points)
First up, thanks for all the great new features, speed and dedication you guys put in! I'm so relieved I made the move.

Right now though I realize how much energy you'd save if CC data moved with notes. I think it's a simple case of oversight: CC data recorded in performances are always related to what you play (think audio). Sometimes it's the sustain, sweeps - now CC#2, breath control: I recorded an idea out of tempo using chorder and a wind controller, adjusted it with the (blindin') new way to move the grid to notes. But as CC data doesn't follow it all gets messed up.

Please implement CC's  moving with notes! - You'd always want them to. Anyone think differently please comment.

I'd implement it straight up without the option of the present behavior.

Thanks guys!

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answered Feb 19, 2019 by erikhusler (3,720 points)
Here's a specific command to implement it: "Automation: Convert Track based to Event based". As this is easier to understand I'll post it properly formulated.

In the meantime try this workaround: There's track based and event based automation. Make sure "Automatically add envelopes for touched parameters" is checked in Preferences/Advanced/ Automation. Open the Edit window (⌘ 2). Move the fader of the parameter so it's active in the top left window. Now drag the"Hand" - not to the Track but to the Edit window. This way the parameter is added to the list below the notes/ audio. Cut/ paste the automation from the track to the event.