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Is it ok to uninstall packages (ie manual languajes, etc) and .zip's from the installation?

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asked May 3, 2020 in Studio One 4 by luisgomez19 (140 points)

1) I wanted to uninstall some languages for the refference manual as I dont use them (japanese, german, etc)

But ironically I coulndt find ANY text about "uninstall" in the refference manual. 

I've read that it is ok to just delñete them from their HD folder. 

2) In the Studio One/Installer folder I find that the original .zip's from "Demos and Tutorials" and "Celemony Melodyne Essential" have been unzipped but still remain, so i got the unzipped folders AND the .zip's. 

It's almost 2GB of space, and I think I can just delete those .zip's , is it ok? 

I think it's quite a fault that the installer doesnt erase those zip's after installation (I dont know how many more might be left in my HD)


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