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how to remove/uninstall all studio one files from mac

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asked Mar 20, 2023 in Studio One 6 by kierantorr (910 points)
edited Mar 20, 2023 by kierantorr
how to remove/uninstall all studio one files from mac?
 i've been having an issue with my inputs, none of my routing is working from my interface.
my UAD Apollo receives signal from all channels, but when i try to assign them in the I/O setup inside of studio one 6 it wont route the signal in to the daw (there is no input) however if i route my output out of studio one that works/ routes fine, there's a signal going out.
now to save suggestions i know how to set it up, i've been using studio one since s14. it's just stopped working.
(it was working before but i had issues with S16 crashing so i went back to S15, and found this issue coming back to 6)
The matrix inside of UAD console is correct, my audio midi set up is correct, and i'm doing nothing different that i was before.
so i'm basically on my last attempts to try and get this issue sorted.
i figured a full reinstall of studio one deleting all files associated with studio one might help? i've already reinstalled UAD console now i just need to try a studio one 6 fresh install, removing all associated files. i would like to know the locations on my mac so i can remove them fully

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