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No combine option for multi instruments

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asked May 11 in Studio One 4 by steveroberts5 (190 points)
Hi guys,

Watching lots of videos on how to create multi instruments, but when I drag another instance onto the track, it doesn't give me a combine option: it only loads the new preset onto the existing track.

Not sure where to look, and have exhausted all videos! Please help!

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answered May 11 by matthewritenburg (12,560 points)

If you are dragging in multi-instruments from the menu shown below, then yes, you cannot combine those as they already have complex routing with splitters, etc.  The reason you cannot combine them is that the configurations are already so complex that one multi-instrument will be incompatible with the splitters and routers of another multi-instrument.  What you can do is go into the configuration for the multi-instrument and manually add additional splits and routings to add additional instruments without breaking the overall configuration as shown in the second image below.

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answered May 12 by aka_busker (15,700 points)
Hi artist version of S1 doesn't support multi-instruments, only professional.