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Combining instruments in a track (PC version)

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asked Mar 30 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by michaelconverse (150 points)
I was watching one of the tutorials with Gregor (episode 5) on using drag and drop.   I attempted to combine instruments on a track as shown in the video, but only get the choice to keep or discard, not combine as shown in the video.   In the video the Apple version is shown.

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answered Mar 30 by matthewritenburg (12,560 points)
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I'm on Win 10.  If I have an instrument track that has an instrument inserted on it and I drag another instrument from the instrument menu onto that track I get this dialog box:

If I choose Combine, it will add the second instrument and automatically create a Multi Instrument and set up the splitter like this so both instruments are audible on the track:

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answered Jun 23 by aka_busker (15,700 points)
The multi-instrument feature is only available in the Professional edition of the software.  If you are missing this feature you are running the Artist version of Studio One.