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Sound in Headphones disappears after a change in volume is made on a channel on the StudioLive Remote app on the iPad.

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asked May 12, 2020 in Classic Mixers by andreicojocaru1 (150 points)

We use the headphones to monitor sound in the Mixer, and all the channels that we want to hear in headphones are selected with the "SOLO" button on. We also use the StudioLive  Remote app on the iPad and when we make a change in volume on one of the channels on the iPad, the sound is cutoff in the headphones coming out of the mixer. We have to press on and off on any of the "SOLO" buttons on the Mixer to get all the headphones sound back. Basically, seems like when a change is made on the StudioLive app on the iPad, it wants to store that change back in the Mixer, but when it does that, it mutes the SOLO sound coming out in the Headphones until you press the "SOLO" button on any of the channels on the the Mixer.

Mixer we have: STUDIOLIVE 32.4.2AI

iPad software: Studio Live Remote app.

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answered Jul 10, 2020 by alandarcy (7,150 points)
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Please install UC Surface for the 32.4.2AI on your iPad not StudioLive Remote. Download it from the App store.