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FR: Have send part in fx channels.

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asked Feb 25, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by aronmay (630 points)
It would be great if FX channels'd has a send part like other buses.

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answered Feb 25, 2016 by robertherlet (810 points)

excuse me if this is a stupid question: What would be the advantage if I could send the signal of a FX channel to another channel?

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answered Aug 11, 2016 by christianghahremanian (220 points)
I totally agree...I used Cubase for years and I was really surprised that there were no sends for fx channels...

I would use them for instance for drums in parallel compression - to send a bit of the comp channel to the drums room...

or to staple my reverb by using delay fx channels with different times and sending them to my fancy reverb...there are plenty of possibilities...

sure...there´s is a simple workaround....send the fx channel to a group...and voilá have sends again...but sometimes, especially with big projects, it´s better to prevent a big amount of channels...