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Why is the piapro studio plug in not working? ''error E02''

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asked May 13, 2020 in PreSonus Hub / Plugins by chanvflower (120 points)
I don't know what is wrong. It maybe because I am using demo version? i don't know

So i got the Hatsune Miku v4x trial, and the file came with the piapro set up, and all

Then... this.

I went and created a new song, I was gonna use the piapro studio plug in, it was there, I dragged it and dropped it to the other side but it gave me an error saying 'could not starts piapro studio (E02)'

I tried so many times to drag and drop and the same problem. Everything work fine but the piapro studio does not :(

In the PDF file that came with piapro studio set up, tutorial for setting it in Studio one, it didnt mention any errors.

Is it because Im using demo version? Please help me before the  39 day trials ended ;w;

*I am using windows 8.1, and studio one demo version. (studio one 3). I don't know what causing the problem since plug -in was in the crypton folder. It was there.

also sorry for my english

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