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Low pass filter in aux out sutiolive 16.4.2

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asked May 14, 2020 in Classic Mixers by pehuensecches (170 points)
recategorized May 14, 2020 by -Luis-
Hello good day!
 I have a question I can't solve for days that has got me tired of not finding a way, is there a way to add a low pass filter to an auxiliary output? I tell you what I need to do:
I have connected a 15-inch two-way box to the aux 1 output that I want to use as a subwoofer (I know it is not a sub, but I want to test it), but I do not have a crossover to send only the low frequencies, and the eq of 31 Although I can lower the high frequencies, I cannot completely eliminate them.
How can I cut the mid / treble frequencies of the aux output completely (or in fact any output might be INDEPENDENT from the main out WHAT IS WHERE DO I HAVE MY L AND R MONITORS CONNECTED)?
Thank you! If you don't know the answer, where can I find help about it, do you know? Thanks in advance
(I have the studio live 16.4.2)

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answered Jul 10, 2020 by alandarcy (7,150 points)
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Select your Aux mix and you will be able to adjust your FAT Channel EQ settings. While there is no LPF available you should be able to sculpt an EQ that will function for you.

Please log a support ticket at for technical support if you have any other issues.