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Low pass filter in aux out sutiolive 16.4.2

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asked May 14 in Classic Mixers by pehuensecches (120 points)
recategorized May 14 by -Luis-
Hello good day!
 I have a question I can't solve for days that has got me tired of not finding a way, is there a way to add a low pass filter to an auxiliary output? I tell you what I need to do:
I have connected a 15-inch two-way box to the aux 1 output that I want to use as a subwoofer (I know it is not a sub, but I want to test it), but I do not have a crossover to send only the low frequencies, and the eq of 31 Although I can lower the high frequencies, I cannot completely eliminate them.
How can I cut the mid / treble frequencies of the aux output completely (or in fact any output might be INDEPENDENT from the main out WHAT IS WHERE DO I HAVE MY L AND R MONITORS CONNECTED)?
Thank you! If you don't know the answer, where can I find help about it, do you know? Thanks in advance
(I have the studio live 16.4.2)

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