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Low Pass Filter on Aux Sends (Studiolive 24R and Studiolive 32SC/SX)

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asked Dec 2, 2021 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by mattcampbell7 (660 points)
I saw over a year ago this question was asked, but I haven't seen anything added. I have no issue using an aux send as a mono channel, what would be nice is to be able to assign an Aux send as a mono channel in the routing GUI so you can choose to send it to the main and mono channels while setting up each individual the X32.

Secondly, and honestly most importantly, I cannot believe that Presonus doesn't have a low pass filter. Come on, ********* does it and they're barely one step above Mackie. I love the ease of use from the Presonus mixing products, you guys seriously have the best mic pre, but come on. It cannot be that hard to add that feature. Right now I have to turn down the high, mid-high, mid-low EQ curve to -12db but I still get pass through. This is not an issue when I run through my powered speakers because they have built in crossovers, but most clubs are running passive speakers and when I control my band's sets, I use my 24R over AVB to my 32SX using their speakers and power amp. Some clubs have crossovers, a lot don't. It's sad when I have a StudioLive 24R and a 32SX ($4500 setup) and the house sound engineer has an $1800 X32 board that has basic options like that.

I'm not trying to be hateful, but as a traveling sound engineer, that feature really limits me and has me considering switching products

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answered Aug 17, 2022 by robertbrady (800 points)
Agreed. I totally miss the MONO Output next to the MAIN that I had with my RM series mixers.

And I tried changing my AUX Out settings to POST and I get no audio. Only Pre1, Pre2 are passing audio.