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Faderport does not work in logic pro 10.5

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asked May 20 in FaderPort 2018 by joseluisortiz (140 points)
Logic Pro X doesnt not recognize the faderport classic!!

I done the next steps

1. Install universal Control

2. install FireWire Driver

3. Open Logic Pro X/Surface Control/Settings

4. Install New (Mackie Designs HUI)

5. I have a problem in This step, i cant choose any option, because the Input port Shows  “invalid input” and the output port shows “disable”. In adition the surface graphic has an “exclamation mark” like This “!”

Thanks for your support

1 Answer

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answered May 21 by danilorossini (140 points)
4. Install New (Mackie Designs HUI)    this is the error....

4. Install New (Mackie Control) it's ok