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How do I download music to my computer from Apple Music/Spotify

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asked May 22 in Studio One 4 by nateboda (120 points)
I am a drummer who would like to record my kit, playing over popular songs. I've got a few nice Rode NT2 condenser mics going into my presonus studio 1824 interface and hooked up to my macbook pro with studio one, so hardware wise i'm ready to record, but i'm running into problems trying to get the song i'll be drumming over as a track into my daw. I have apple music and spotify premium, but for some reason I can't figure out how to download the track to my computer so as to then upload it to studio one. My Itunes has "automatic downloads" selected but when I go to my hard drive itunes folder the only songs that are there are the songs that I paid for before I started paying the monthly service for Apple Music. I also signed up for spotify premium because it advertised "download music" but i'm not able to figure out how to download any tracks to my computer either... am I missing something, or should I use another website to pay for the track individually? Any help for this noob would be much appreciated

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answered May 23 by ryanm1 (5,110 points)
This is a Presonus forum, you need to ask Apple or Spotify.
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answered May 23 by gregjohnson22 (240 points)
You can't - downloading for Spotify is only contained within the Spotify app itself. You'd have to lay it back through your 1824 - patch your outputs into inputs and make sure you don't create a feedback loop, or use a virtual channel if that exists. I don't have an 1824 so I can't get more specific, but in my apollo there's a virtual channel that runs everything from my computer and I can then record it into S1. I do this for reference mixes. Careful not to use the recording for anything that isn't strictly personal for copyright reasons.