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Console 1 and Fader 1 not working, will not load plugins

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asked May 24 in Studio One 4 by gradymccarty1 (180 points)
Window 8 machine , console one working fine for 2 years. I bought fader one and now studio one will not see any softube plugins.  I have tried to reset blacklist,  full reset on comp and reload all plugins and softube plugins.  Softube GUI's are working now, but studio one 4 will not load plugins or load fader 1....please help...loosing money everyday....

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answered Jul 7 by AlexTinsley (901,960 points)
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Upgrade your system to Windows 10 v1909 or later, should solve all your problems. 

Make sure 

  • Visual C++ Runtime libraries to the latest versions. 
  • plug-ins are running latest versions of their releases. 
  • J-Bridge or 32-bit Bridging software is not being used on your system.