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Send tracks to multiple outputs/busses simultaneously

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asked May 27 in Mixing by tommikujala (5,470 points)
edited May 27 by tommikujala
Currently you can only send tracks to one output/bus at a time. Sometimes you want to add a second or third output.. It would be awesome to add this feature in the future.

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answered May 27 by matthewritenburg (12,390 points)
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This feature already exists. You can send audio to an unlimited number of buses if you are using Artist or Pro.  If your audio interface has more than 2 outputs you can go into Song Setup and enable more physical outputs.  In my example my interface only has 2 outputs, but this is the menu where you would configure additional outputs.  Even with a 2 channel audio interface you can add an additional set of outputs that could bypass main so you can audition a reference track or mixdown track without mix bus processing.

If you have an 8 output interface (4 stereo pairs) you can add 3 buses in addition to main and assign each bus to a separate set of outputs. 

You can see here that I added a bus and assigned to a different set of physical outputs than main. I set the bus pre-fader so the level is consistent:

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answered Aug 25 by dronaacharya (300 points)
i hope this gets implemented but it won't because it's not really a "game changer" per se, but its a very very efficient way to do parallel compression and split vocals into multiple busses without duplicating or using sends. pretty much every other daw has it. hope it gets more upvotes.