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Sound coming from HD7 headphones are recorded with the mic. What am I doing wrong ?

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asked Jun 3, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by olivierlevelt (120 points)

My question might be dumb but.... I bought the Audiobox USB 96 and it comes with the HD7 headphones. Everything works, but when I'm hearing the instrumental through the headphones and record my voice at the same time with the Mic (to sing with the instrumental playing in my ears at the same time), the Mic also record the instrumental which is playing through the headphones.

Even when the volume is low in the headphones, the Mic still record some and someone next to me will be able to hear some of the instrumental playing.

How am I supposed to record if I can't hear the instrumental playing to my ears ? I want to be able to ear the instrumental with the volume high or normal while the Mic will only record my voice and not also the sound coming from the headphones.

Perhaps the HD7 are not good, or I need to do something directly in Studio One? if you have any insight or other headphones I should buy please tell me. I'm lost haha

Thanks :)

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answered Jun 21, 2020 by alanscott1 (850 points)
The HD7 headphone are semi-open back, so some of the audio you're listening to via the earpieces will bleed out and be audible on any recordings that you're making on nearby microphones. Closed back designs, such as the HD9 would be more suitable for this as they don't leak any audio. I have the HD7s myself and use them for general monitoring and mixing/recording non-mic'd instruments (guitar/bass via plug-ins, keyboards etc) but when recording vocals use my HD9s to minimising the risk of any sound bleed.

The HD7s are decent headphones and I find them easier to get a natural sounding mix when mixing/mastering than the HD9s, but the HD9s (or indeed any closed back headphones) are essential when recording vocals and such with microphones.