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How can I hear just through headphones and not monitors?

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asked Aug 27, 2019 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by samuelamador1 (130 points)
I have a bit of an outdated audio interface in the M-Audio Fast Track USB. I've been recording for several years now, so I guess I've had patience with this until now. I have to get up every time to turn off/on the switches on my M-Audio BX5 studio monitors, only because I record in a small room, and playback would obviously come through onto the microphone for vocal recordings. Is there an easier way to be able to switch from headphones to studio monitors? Even if it's another device or simply an updated interface, I'm just wanting to see if there isn't something I'm missing.

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answered Aug 31, 2019 by emmanueldafflon (150 points)
I use a iConnectivity4+ and have the same issue with my Eris 5. If I plug one into the headphone stereo TRS it works but if I plug them into the TRS monitors no sound comes out.

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