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Mix down sounds rubbish

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asked Jun 4, 2020 in Studio One 4 by thomascheung2 (140 points)
I’ve been making this beat where the 808s sound full, but when I export my track I listen to it on Groove Player the EQ is on flat and my 808s just sound flat and the mic sounds lifeless and far away, there’s no clipping and that and I’ve out it back in studio one and it sounds the same. Plz help me.


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answered Jun 5, 2020 by matthewritenburg (13,510 points)
It could be a couple different things.  You could be exporting stems instead of a full mix.  You could be exporting a mix, but not including any effects in the mix.

Can you describe the process you are using to export the mix down from Studio One to a file that you are listening to in Groove player?

Also, how are you mixing? And how are you listening to your mix down?  If you are mixing on headphones then listening to your mix on speakers it’s not going to sound the same. Can you describe your mixing environment and your listening environment.  Are they different?